UniCarriers Americas Announces Employee Awards For Perfect Attendance

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UniCarriers Americas Announces Employee Awards For Perfect Attendance

CHICAGO — FEBRUARY — 2017 UniCarriers Americas recognized three employees for perfect attendance at a ceremony held at the company’s Marengo facility on January 31, 2017.


The honorees were Dean Richardson who has had no unexcused absences for more than 20 years, Josh Faulk (10 Years) and Kevin Smith (5 years). Each received a financial reward from UniCarriers Americas in recognition of their dedication to the job and company.

“Dean, Josh and Kevin exemplify the commitment we have throughout the company,” said UniCarriers Americas President, James J. Radous III. “The strong work ethic of our employees is attributable to our culture of reliability, productivity and efficiency.”

 Radous’ observation is reinforced by a report in Forbes magazine that estimates the cost of unscheduled absenteeism in American business at $3,600 per year for each hourly worker. That’s in addition to other indirect costs that include safety, morale and quality issues.

 UniCarriers Americas has been recording and rewarding perfect attendance since the 1990s, just about the time Dean Richardson began his 20 year streak.

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